Lumiere Rules: Friday evening in a heavy rainstorm, moments after putting the baby to bed

A crucial inconsequential moment. The only one I've posted all week. It's been a H.A.R.D. week.

Lumiere Rules is a game I've been wanting to play for a few weeks, inspired by Andreas.

I put down my Nokia for the first time in months and picked up my old Kodak DX7440 (which, totally coincidentally and appropriately) Andreas recommended to me before I even started Fatgirlinohio, when I was looking for a camera and was admiring the colours on his photos and videos on his blog. I love that camera. I needed it for this because it has a flat bottom, unlike my Nokia.

From Andreas's blog, Solitude.dk:

"The rules are as follows:

  • 60 seconds max.
  • Fixed camera
  • No audio
  • No zoom
  • No edit
  • No effects

They mimic the conditions under which the Lumiere brothers made their movies in the late 1800s.

"Aske Dam, a good friend, told me about these rules last summer when we were attached to the same research project. They mimic the conditions under which the Lumiere brothers made their movies in the late 1800s. All transfer seamlessly to web-video and videoblogs except the last one. On the web we are used to compress our videos because the raw files from our cameras are too big to be practical. But is the compression not an added effect? You can certainly tweak the compression settings to provide results that differ tremendously from the raw camera files.

If you make any videos that abide by the Lumiere Rules tag them lumierevideo."

More info and Andreas's videos at: http://www.solitude.dk/archives/20070522-2202/

Also see great lumieres by Gogen and Bshoot

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)


Anonymous said...

That was THE MOST ROMANTIC wine bottle handling I've ever seen! :)

trine said...

...moments after baby is in bed...


oh yes... ;-)

Anonymous said...

That was not a very manly way you opened that bottle. I like how you manage to quickly run out of the shot right as the video ends. :o)

MadMac66 said...

Rupert, its plainly obvious that much like myself, you have a very hard time winding down. Ever. The second that wine bottle was open, your good lady was sat down and bringing on the relax. Yourself on the otherhand are twitching and jerking about like a monkey on electrodes...

its a product of the generation we live in and the industry we work in. Always plugged in. Always online. Never tuned out. It's impossible to relax and sit still for more than a minute.

hope you both find some "us time" and the baby STAYS asleep...


Unknown said...

Nice one rupert. I'm tempted to play the game. We eventually could make a movie with all the different shots.

If you like video's with a fixed view you should visit http://blandlands.com as well from Aaron Valdez, although that's with sound.

Anonymous said...

i love erik's idea of a film made out of lots of peoples 'lumiere' moments - that could be very cool.
and yes... bloody reeeelax boyo!

drpoulette said...

that's a great video. it was pretty dramatic "despite" all the rules. maybe the rules are what makes it more dramatic?

Anonymous said...

rupert, may i have a cigarette please?


Anonymous said...

rupert - how is it that we didn't talk in depth at pixelodeon??? that is a huge disappointment for me. thanks for this; i learned something new and may just try it.

q: did you have a timer going off so you knew when to cut?

B said...

Welcome to the festivities, Sir Howe! Glad you decided to join the game. :)