making films for you, i see things as if for the first time

I take this route to the store every day, and of course i never notice any of the things in this video.

It's great to stop and try to see ordinary things through fresh eyes.

I'd love to see *your* trip to get milk, coffee, whatever... see what I and others would find strange about what you take for granted. Are you game, my friends?
Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)


GoGen said...

That letterbox... looks like a monument to some long gone, almost forgotten times.
John's Texas Chicken? Not very British, aye mate? :)

Beth said...

I find lots of things in England are like a monument to some long gone, forgotten times... like the class system! I know how you feel about going away though, Rupert. I lived in Japan and Italy in my early twenties and when I came back, everything was strange and unusual. Have a great time at Pixelodeon. Represent the British vloggers, of whom there seem to be, sadly, too few. Let me know if they are playing the promos there. Mine was a badly edited one with a foal trying to stand up.

Beth said...

Two comments on one post, blimey! Just wanted to add that when you get back from Pixelodeon, we should start to talk about a UK Node 101. Let's get this party started. Email me at beth_tilston@yahoo.co.uk.

trine said...

they're also adding cameras to crossings and if you enter a yellow box without an exit, they'll sutomatically (!) fine you sixty quid!

you just made me all nostalgic for england.

David Meade said...

I've been to England several times and consider myself a fairly well traveled person ... but somehow whenever I see street shots from England I still find myself looking for Dr. Who style police boxes ... and maybe even a Dalek or two.

Chuck Olsen said...

ha! i loved this.
perfect "moments showing."
you're noticing things i would notice as an American - the roadster, the mailbox, the fish & chips - and say "oh how very British!" but we usually become blind to all that, seeing it everyday.

fresh eyes.