twittervlog - The Phaaantommm of the Vlogosphere is here... INSIDE MY MIIIIND...

Send me things to do! to rupert at fatgirlinohio dot org, or by commenting here or twittering @ruperthowe ! PLEASE! I'm going stir- & pain- crazy under this bag :)
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twittervlog - How I'm marking World Earth Day

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journey to my first Social Media Club Meeting (6 mins)

****UPDATE****CHRIST! Now the videos aren't uploading at Blip, so this is an empty post. Technical nightmare day. GRRRR. And I was up til 3 trying to fix my phone. Why now?*****

... And i don't just mean a physical one, man... ;-) But wow, I think i am killing my N93. Almost 50 videos shot, cut and posted with it in the last 3-4 weeks with few problems, but now it's crashing like a Windows box. Lost everything 4 times last night while trying to cut this, which is usually easy. And 2 more crashes this morning. The edit system doesn't allow you to save, only export to a finished file, and often it's the export that crashes the phone. Bad bad bad design. I mean, it's pretty cool to be able to cut in the phone, but several things like this could be so much better. Wish i could tell them. Maybe it's better in the newer N95. Will have to wait a year to find out though. I really hope this one's not dying - I've been enjoying this vlog. RAAAAAAAAA! Tags: movlog,twitter,social media club london,nokia n93 problems,rupert,tube,bus,london,lloyd davis,starbucks
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The most depressing job in the world?

At the Princess Diana Memorial Drain...sorry, 'Fountain' in Hyde Park, which was designed so that kids could splash in it.


twittervlog 2pm friday - Recycling the easy way

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Twittervlog - 7.45pm Thurs - fish n chips (30 secs)

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twittervlog: 6pm thurs. I'm not a yuppie any more!

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I used to have a job in Investor Relations for my dad's public company. I wore a suit, and I would have fitted right in here. On the outside ;)


twittervlog: 4pm British radio soap series about farmers. This is not a spoof.

Link: www.bbc.co.uk/archers Tags: movlog archers bbc radio soap twitter vlog rupert
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hey mo'vloggers

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I forgot to say - you can upload tags remotely on Blip by putting in your email body the word tags, then a colon and then your tags, separated by commas or spaces. So an email with
Tags: movlog,twitter
in the email body will tag your post on blip with those words.
That was one of the points of this post. My baby distracted me with her filthy mouth.

My Veoh Show


twittervlog: 1pm And today's word is...

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twittervlog: 11am COFFEE! EGGS!

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twittervlog: 9.30am driving

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twittervlog: 6.35pm Save Twittervlog!

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twittervlog: 6.53pm MASSIVE FLASHMOB silent rave in London Victoria train station!

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At 6.53 this evening, there was a flashmob at Victoria Station in London. If you don't know, the idea of a flashmob is that everyone gathers, and at the appointed time, starts doing something together. In this case, dancing to the music in their headphones. A silent rave. These used to be small things, with a few dozen people quietly dancing while the commuters looked on in confusion. Not any more.

Were you there? It was pretty wild.