Lumiere Rules 2: Amy Zoetrope

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Cheating, because the camera's not fixed - but I can't fix my phone, so I just held it still.  Until she started to scream. 

From Andreass blog, Solitude.dk:

The rules are as follows:

  • 60 seconds max.
  • Fixed camera
  • No audio
  • No zoom
  • No edit
  • No effects

They mimic the conditions under which the Lumiere brothers made their movies in the late 1800s."

See more by other people at Blip.tv - search for "lumierevideo" 

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

1 comment:

Vergel Evans said...

awesome! I'm going to look around and capture a couple....

I love how your daughter keeps trying to figure out different ways to solve the spinning issue... but finally just freaks out in the end.

I hope you were extra nice to her after for being such a good sport!