Signs Of The Times - Rotating Portrait Of A High Street In Britain, 2007

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More pseudoarty nonsense, no ranting or babies today. Just stood on a spot in posh & leafy Chiswick and pretended I was a CCTV camera.  Kind of like the way that Coppola used the camera in my favourite movie, The Conversation. But with a cellphone.

It's interesting what you notice, if you stop in one place and zoom in and out with your camera or with your brain.  My phone is helping me to see things in the world around me that I take for granted and blank out.

Today has been a day for noticing how much things have changed since I've been alive.  Not just non-smoking pubs, coffee bars and CCTV - I was flicking through Microserfs and thinking about how futuristic the email and geek lifestyle seemed in 1995, and how real it is now.  And then I came downstairs and found this post from Gogen, about his memories of the 1980s.  I said everything else I've got to say about that in my comment there.


In other weird news, the last film I did like this one, Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime, might be screened in San Francisco tonight in the NewTeeVee Metacafe Pier Screenings after some of you were nice enough to give it a handful of 5 star ratings.  I find this idea almost erotically exciting. Partly because I always associate San Francisco with The Conversation, and so I've always secretly wished I could live there.

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