Franti à la Lumière

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Although I'm on holiday in Canada, I've been doing some videoblogging this weekend for The Big Time Out festival in Cumberland, BC, the village on Vancouver Island where I'm staying with my sister.  I've uploaded a bunch of videos to http://thebigtimeout.tv - it was all suggested and executed in the last couple of days before the festival.<br><br>Anyway, Saturday night's headline gig was Michael Franti & Spearhead.  They're amazing, and Franti gets the crowd going crazy - but I'd been told I couldn't film them, and certainly couldn't post images or music to the internet.  As it happened, I cheekily took a couple of minutes from the side of the stage and posted it anyway - I knew he wouldn't mind.  But in the spirit of not breaking his copyright, here's a silent fixed camera Lumière of his shadow on the screen at the back of the stage.<br><br>When I filmed it, it didn't even occur to me that it'd be a way around the copyright thing.  I just thought it'd make a cool Lumière. 

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