Rupert's Vlog Deathmatch Entry: James Bond iPod Karaoke #2

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Yesterday evening, on the way home over London Bridge in Rush Hour, listening to James Bond themes on my iPod, I was overwhelmed by the urge to flip open my phone and record this for the VlogDeathmath.com Drunk Underwear Karaoke Challenge.  It's not Anarchy in the UK, but it was fun to do anyway.  Next week, you'll be able to cast your votes at Vlogdeathmatch.com.

The rules of the latest Deathmatch are to use any or all of the words Drunk Underwear Karaoke as a basis for your video.  

I wasn't drunk or in my underwear (it was tempting) but yesterday was my last day of work before a month-long holiday in Canada, so I *was* totally lightheaded with joy. Or maybe it was that I'd lost my wallet and so hadn't eaten anything all day.

Turns out that the challenge was designed to have enough appeal to attract non-videobloggers to the Pioneer Two Boots movie theater in New York where these entries will be screened on 11 August. If I'd known it was going to be shown to an audience on a big screen when I recorded it, i would have done it at twice the resolution.  And I would have done it in my underwear.  And I would definitely have done it drunk.

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