my blue wave

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i am out of the office this afternoon. i thought going to a café to make a To Do list might make a difference. huh.

i tried to snap my immediate environment in terms of how i feel - and when i mostly failed, i just cut it together here and now anyway.  why not?  got me out of my head for a moment.  it's nothing serious - just bullshit that i'm sure will pass when i get on top of my work - which isn't that hard.  tomorrow. tomorrow. i love ya, tomorrow.

And the best is yet to come / You may think you are the only one / To never get it right / Just stick around on this lovely lovely night / And we may be amazed /
By my blue wave

To conclude this interview / Many facts and fictions you construe / The dog gives you the paw / You pat his head and you wipe his jaw / He's the only one who knew /
About my blue wave

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